Angeline the Baker

D              G

Angeline the baker, lives on the village green.

D       A       D

The way I always loved her, beats all you’ve ever seen.

D        G        D

Angeline the baker, Angeline I know.

D        A        G

Should have married Angeline, twenty years ago.

Angeline the baker, age of 43.

Fed her sugar candy, but she still won’t marry me.


Her father was a baker, his name was Uncle Sam.

I never can forget her, no matter where I am.


She said couldn’t do hard work, because she is not stout.

Baked the biscuits every day and poured the coffee out.


I bought Angeline a brand new dress, neither black nor brown.

It was the color of a stormy skies, before the rain came down.


Sixteen horses in my team, the leader he was blind.

I dreamed that I was dying, I saw my Angeline.