Dusk Til Dawn

G F C Bb D

I hear the wind sing a lonesome song as the storm rolls in and the rain pours on.

Haunted me again, another night so long. Thinking of her from dusk ‘til dawn.

I made this bed but I can’t sleep. I’m filled with regret with each breath I breathe.

Only in dreams she’s in these arms, but I lie awake from dusk ‘til dawn.

It’s dark as night from dusk ‘til dawn. When you’ve paid the price for all you’ve done wrong.

She’s in the grave where I belong and it’s dark as night from dusk ‘til dawn.

A jealous man now I’ve become. Cold blooded hands on a loaded gun.

Ah god the day you were dead and gone. Now my life is dark as dusk ‘til dawn.