Girl at the Crossroads Bar


I walked out tonight for a ramble round

D           A

I didn’t mean to stay, just to view the town

G           D

When I saw her smilin’ from a far

G           A           D

As she walked into that crossroads bar

Well I walked inside and sat me down

Ordered sweet red wine and I drank it down

She came and set beside me there

With a dark brown eyes and the red, red hair

I told her that I love her true

Anything you want I’ll surely do

Said a man like you don’t get too far

With a girl like me at the crossroads bar

I like smokey lights and a lonesome song

And I won’t do right if I can do you wrong

You want the moon to burn behind the darkest star

And you won’t find love at the crossroads bar

Come all my friends and take my advice

Keep your love at home with your lovely wife

You’re better off than you think you are

And you won’t find love at the crossroad bar