John Deere Tractor

C     Cadd2/B     Am7     G

Hey momma here’s a letter from

F     Dm

your son

F     C

Well I think my city days are done ma

Bb     F     C

and it ain’t bee three weeks since I came

Hey momma I do remember

what you said

Say your prayers, before you go to bed son

And remember city women ain’t the same

Bb     F

I’m like a John Deere tractor in a half acre field.

A     D

Trying to plow a furrow where the soil is made of steel.

G     C     G     C

Oh I wish I was home ma, where the bluegrass is growing

G     D     G     F

and the sweet country girls don’t complain

Momma so much perfume I thought

I’d drown

and the Lord didn’t seem to be nowhere around.

Hey I fell like a flower from the vine.

Ah she was pretty lord know

I thought that she would bring me joy

She laughed, she called, me country boy ma

and after she had been so kind.